The newer DanNet releases use the release date as the version number, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.

2023-11-28: Short labels

  • dns:shortLabel variants of synset labels (derived from, amongst other things, word frequencies from DDO) have been added to the DanNet dataset.
  • dns:source is now used once again to link to the original dictionary entry sources such as DDO. The usage of dc:source was both problematic wrt. its definition in the schema, as well the annoying fact that dc in some cases results in confusion when used as an RDF prefix as it may be hardcoded to a specific IRI.
  • Some sense labels had lost their language (@da) by mistake and this has now been fixed.

2023-09-28: Fixing the domain topic relation

  • The wn:has_domain_topic relation had been used in place of wn:domain_topic in the DanNet dataset. This has now been corrected.
  • DanNet now has around 10K new links to the CILI which is also linked with the OEWN and other WordNets.
  • Some new relations (dns:eqHypernym, dns:eqHyponym, and dns:eqSimilar) have been added since wn:ili and wn:eqSynonym were not sufficient to cover the inter-WordNet links we now have.
  • DanNet synsets now also have the raw DDO domain values from DSL that were present in the older versions of DanNet. These are represented with the dc:subject relation.
  • Furthermore, the sex/gender data from the older versions of DanNet has also been included. It is available via the new dns:gender relation.
  • To better facilitate graph navigation on the DanNet website, a new relation called dns:linkedConcept has been added to the DanNet schema. This relation is the inverse of wn:ili and is inferred in the large graph that can be queried on
  • The schema translations have been updated.
  • Around 5000 links have been added which link DanNet to the Open English WordNet or indirectly via the CILI.
  • The OEWN data set has received a companion data set containing generated labels for synsets, senses, and words.
  • dns:dslSense and dns:source have been removed from the DanNet schema (dns:source has been replaced by dc:source)

The following changes to our data sets will be available in the next version:

  • Many DanNet words and senses have been linked to DDO via the new dns:source relation.
  • Unofficial conjugations present in the COR companion data set have been marked as such in their rdfs:label.
  • Various other smaller tweaks to the COR dataset.
  • The DDS data set now uses 32-bit float as opposed to double, which results in a smaller RDF export as this data type doesn't require any special encoding in .ttl-files.

2023-05-11: The new DanNet

There are too many changes in this initial release to list all of them in a succinct way:

  • Around 5000 new senses have been added, mostly adjectives.
  • Many data set inconsistencies and other undesirable properties have been cleaned up.
  • The entirety of DanNet has been converted to the Ontolex standard and uses the relations from the Global WordDet Association.
  • DanNet is now RDF-native; RDF schemas are also available covering e.g. the ontological types.
  • The DSL-derived DanNet IDs all resolve to actual RDF resources which can be viewed in a browser.
  • Several companion data sets are available for download and are also merged with the data on
  • Additional data points have also been inferred from the bootstrap data, e.g. inverse relations.
  • The CSV download is now CSVW and includes metadata files describing contents of the columns.
  • The DanNet data is now licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0 and the source code of the project is available under the MIT licence.
  • ... and of course is the new home of DanNet.

In addition to the work done on DanNet itself, we have also contributed to the Global WordNet Association's RDF schema.