The newer DanNet releases use the release date as the version number, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.

The following changes to our data sets will be available in the next version:

  • Many DanNet words and senses have been linked to DDO via the new dns:source relation.
  • Unofficial conjugations present in the COR companion data set have been marked as such in their rdfs:label.
  • Various other smaller tweaks to the COR dataset.
  • The DDS data set now uses 32-bit float as opposed to double, which results in a smaller RDF export as this data type doesn't require any special encoding in .ttl-files.

2023-05-11: The new DanNet

There are too many changes in this initial release to list all of them in a succinct way:

  • Around 5000 new senses have been added, mostly adjectives.
  • Many data set inconsistencies and other undesirable properties have been cleaned up.
  • The entirety of DanNet has been converted to the Ontolex standard and uses the relations from the Global WordDet Association.
  • DanNet is now RDF-native; RDF schemas are also available covering e.g. the ontological types.
  • The DSL-derived DanNet IDs all resolve to actual RDF resources which can be viewed in a browser.
  • Several companion data sets are available for download and are also merged with the data on
  • Additional data points have also been inferred from the bootstrap data, e.g. inverse relations.
  • The CSV download is now CSVW and includes metadata files describing contents of the columns.
  • The DanNet data is now licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0 and the source code of the project is available under the MIT licence.
  • ... and of course is the new home of DanNet.

In addition to the work done on DanNet itself, we have also contributed to the Global WordNet Association's RDF schema.